lyssa's Diary!
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2004-01-10 06:56:24 (UTC)


i dont know what to call today soo... i just put hmm.??
but yea i woke up late after working on my 15 pg book
report all night long so i didnt go to bed till about 2. i
left late this morning and got to school at 7:45. the
traffic was soo bad, and it was soo annoying! ahhh... then
after school i went to tacoma to get my thing signed off
for my comm. service project. i saw my old teacher mrs.
baker and we talked a bit. then she left. so then i called
my friend ashlee who i hadnt seen in a while and she was
like i'll be at my house in 10 min! she then told me about
her getting her ex arrested for hitting her, and how she
was suspended for sexually assulting him for grabbing his
dick, but it was kind of self defense. but the her ex who
was kinna still her bf got his new well kinna old new girl
(long story) pregnant, so there getting married. omg its
such a long story. but then some how we ended up goin to
Bonney Lake back up to my house and get my paycheck, and
showing her around. we got to my house cuz we had to wait
to pick my brother from wresteling practice. there i called
aj and we talked and laughed, and he made her feel better
and made jokes, and sang some songs that were not too good
souding (only becuz he made it that way on purpose) then he
got mad at me cuz i said sumthin stupid. my friend showed
me her braclet that her ex got her, and it was really
expensive and aj was on the phone and joking i said "oh aj
never got me ne thing that nice" i was soo joking by the
way. but he took it very serious. he said that everything
he got me was from his heart, and he had to scrape money
back then outta know where. he then said he had to go and
have time to him self. i felt awful. so i wrote him an
email telling him i realized how much that must of hurt
him. at 10 pm we finally talked and he was kinna chirpy it
was odd... and he said he knew i was sorry and he said it
did hurt, but he felt better after thinking. we talked for
a good 20 min but he had to go sense he was at his sisters
house. :/
ne ways, b4 all of that i had to pick my my bro, drive him
home, drive ashlee home.. omg.. i ALMOST DIED! stupid semi
trucks!and the rain... blah!!! then i got home and slept..
so here i am... im prolly gonna go back to bed though cuz
im soo tired! but yea that was my day i left alot out but
ehh who cares!

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