C'est moi and I'm not french
2004-01-10 05:39:33 (UTC)

it can only be described as friday

So i just got back from the funnest night i can remember in
a long time... my friend paul (who likes me) said he was
going to this kid named adams house (hes freakin halarious)
so i asked if i could come... and he said i could and blah
so i get there and its like some seniors and some freshmen
and eventually the seniors leave and its just me and like 8
guys... way we watched a few movies and played
some pool (i know G rated stuff) but fight club is a kick
ass movie and this guy named nate was flirting like mad
with me and i guess he does that to everyone but it was
fun... he was like all over me as paul put it (he wasnt)
and charlie was there and im not sure if i like him
anymore... he doesnt like me... paul just lied... or maybe
hes lying now... i dont really know but charlies cool...
thats about it... i also watched quintin tarentinos
movie... i cant remember the name of it for the life of
me... it was pretty good... not the best ever tho... so
thats it