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2004-01-10 03:08:49 (UTC)

Hi Again

Welpz today there was something that bothered me... i
didn't turn in a bunch of stuff and i told my teacher that
she didn't give me enough time to do it all and Miss Bell
is all like well u had just as much time as everyone else.
Hell no i don't. I have 20 rabbits 4 horses 3 cats and 1
dog that are all MY responsibility to take care of. I have
more than one class (7 not counting lunch to be exact)
that i have homework in and i have friends that wanna go
do stuff with me and I have a family that make me do stuff
with them and i have to sleep and do other stuff too and
so how is it possible that she gave me the same amount of
time as everyone else? It's not. Only the people without
real lives and people who have their mom do everything for
them got it done. That reminds me of how much I hate Amber
Beritich. I think that her name should be Amber Imabitch.
Her mom does everything for her and she's so mean to
everyone and she actually expected to be student council
president. She used the same damn speach that she used to
get on student council anyway. How is that fair?? It's
NOT!! But thank god Temple won. Amber would have ruined
everything. i wasn't really lookin forward to much today.
Except for seein my friends!! Like Brittaney,Megan,JenL.
wow i didn't think that I had that many friends LOL. And
in study hall today i wanted to put Mr.Porretta's marker
back in his office which is right beside his classroom and
there is a big window in between the classroom and his
office and when i was putting the marker back he was
watchin me like i was going to do something. And if he
wasn't watching i would have done something... but don't
tell him that!!And i can really just type and type in this
thing! It's fun! I felt so lonely though after my parents
and brother went into town to get my bro a haircut. It
wasn't that they were gone it was the fact that Tiffany
had the nerve to invite Brittaney along to the movies. The
group of ppl that went were Tiffany, Tiffany's boyfriend
Brandon, and Brittaney. I mean how uncomfortable is
Brittaney gonna feel?! And she told me over the phone
about how they were goin 2 the movies and Tiffany is
my "friend" but she didn't have the nerve to say.. Oh Sara
What are you doing tonite? Wanna go to the movies? But no
she's just sittin there braggin bout goin. Who the hell
does she think she is??And like less than a week ago
Brittaney says i've never kept a secret from u. And then
today she said something weird to Megan and they started
laughing and then I asked her bout it and she goes IT'S A
SECRET!!!! What a liar!!!!!!! Ok i better go and save
stuff for later!

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