Best Left Unspoken
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2004-01-10 02:30:22 (UTC)

Today (1/9/04)

Dear Diary... today i went to school. Nothing really
special happened xcept for what i did in study hall. Me
and Jen L. Made a list of the top ten things that we gotta
do before 9th grade. We will reek havick on the school and
no one will know that it's me or Jen!!! Sweet revenge on
the hell that they put us through!! HAHAHAHA but anyway...
i was looking through the hoobastank site and it plays my
favorite song by them when i get on and it's great!! I
also have been watchin music channels all day.... they
still haven't played I Believe In A Thing Called Love and
I love that song THAT'S NOT FAIR.... lol just playin...
well actually they really haven't played that song and i
really wanted 2 hear it. And they haven't played I Hate
Everything About You and that's a good song too. Well I'll
save some juicey details for another entry!! I'm OUT!!