2004-01-10 01:42:09 (UTC)

give yourself over to absolute pleasure.

yay for rocky!! im excited, i havent gone in forever.

i came home from work early and rearranged my room for a
bed. then i took a really nic nap and now im ready to go

matt called this afternoon. it was awkward. we were
talking about school. and im like i hope no one i hate is
in my classes. cus thats my fear like every semester. and
hes like maybe caroline will be since shes going to school
now. and im like well i dont hate her. and hes like
whatever. when i called from school, he asked me who i was
with, which was not abnormal but i was like no one and hes
like whatever bye. maybe he knows. i dont really give a
shit. he knows enough already because he always says shit
about diana to hurt my feelings, things that wouldnt be
brought up in ordinary conversation. fuck him.

ive seen blue skies through the tears in my eyes...

swim the warm waters of sins of the flesh - erotic
nightmares beyond any measure, and sensual daydreams to
treasure forever. can't you just see it? don't dream it, be