2004-01-10 01:27:42 (UTC)


Hello Again,
I am alone. My husband is away for a few days and I am
alone. Please don't think that this is necessarily a bad
thing, it's been nice to have the whole apartment all to
myself for the last couple days. I've been able to clear
my head and think about things, such as my life and the
resolutions I made the other day.
I am glad that I made resolutions. I actually was
energetic enough to work on one of them yesterday. After
finishing my diary entry I got online and did a little job
research. I sent out some resumes, and got a little more
excited about getting a job. At this point any job will
do, well not ANY job. A respectable job that I will enjoy
spending a majority of my day at.
I feel a lot better today than I did the other day.
Maybe there is something to this release of writing down
my life and how I feel about things. Either that or the
honesty is good for me, or it's a bit of both.
My life will not be the average life. I will do great
things with my life, I will be the one that reached for
the stars, I will one day be at a place where I feel
complete, and I will in some sense or another have it all.
Is there anything wrong with having it all? Is it some
kind of sin to want to be a millionaire, or live in a
mansion, own your own empire, is there anything really
wrong with that? I don't believe so. Look at Oprah, she
had nothing and now she has a lot, maybe even it all. I
will be a great success story. That will someday be me. E.

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