Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
2004-01-09 21:51:42 (UTC)


YAY! its FRIDAY! dont seem like friday though. it
only seems like wednesday. maybe thats because i only had
3 days of school this week....aint i luck-e? lol things
are going good in my life...ive turned into a kinda
loner..but that might b b/c nessa hasnt been to school
yet. lol. well i guess im stuck playing football with the
boiz. goody goody. lol. oh well...
OH and i am now the PROUD OWNER of ALYSONS ASS!!! XD!
Megan has ownership of Alysons boobs....Kitty has the
crotch and i got the ass. :-P. its all cool though. were
just protecting alyson from this dude....hes really
freaking her were helping to freak him if its working yet or not...but hey i
still own her ass :-D
well the only thing worth writing not gonna
tell yet...not till i kno for being
careful about who knos right now. lol...ya'll will find
out about it when i kno for certain.