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2004-01-09 20:58:52 (UTC)

How could I still be in love???

I can't believe it's our anniversary tomorrow... I feel
like shit... After five months I'm still totally in love
with you... Maybe it's because I'm only thinking of the
good things, but then I don't think there were many bad
things... I know I was stoopid and acted like I wanted out,
but I never thought it would come to this... I never
thought you would do this to me, or anyone for that
matter... I thought we'd be together forever...
I hate life so much at the moment... Every little thing is
getting on top of me, and I can't seem to get past it...
I'm fine when there's somebody around but most of the time
I'm on my own... I just miss the feeling of being with
you... Even when I was alone I knew you were there, and I
would see you soon... I love you so much...
I wish I could hold you.. I'd give anything to be with you,
to kiss you, to be loved by you...
I don't know how your feelings changed and I can't even get
you out of my head... I guess maybe I was just more
committed than you, and I know you can't help the way that
you feel, I just thought you felt more for me...
So four years tomorrow, and now nothing to show for it...
Just some memories....
I hope it will turn out to be worth it in the end...