a watercolour stain
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2004-01-09 20:17:40 (UTC)

pinkeye and the price of college text books...

well, i got up this morning for some unknown reason around
8. (and i *never* get up that early, even when i have
to.) but i've been up ever since and am beginning to think
i have pinkeye. my right eye has been red all day and when
i woke up it was a little crusty. eww.

i went online today to see about my books and discovered
that the grand total will be just shy of $540.00! and that
is the price for USED books! fucking shit, no wonder
college students are broke all the time. i hate this.
anyways, just wanted to write something, but now i gotta
get ready to leave for work. fun.


*just here*

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