Deacon Frost

Deacon Frost
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2004-01-09 17:55:04 (UTC)

Looks like you're one Corey Feldman short of a suckfest...

Well, I get back from Christmas vacation only to find my
condo's been broken into and ransacked. I tell you, I'm
starting off the year with a bang. The most valuable thing
they got was my Sony TV, which really sucked since I really
liked it. Probably the second most valuable (to me)thing
was my Garbage CDs they made off with. That really sucked
too. I had some ultra-rare imports that aren't really
replaceable. They took some other things, an old VCR, the
old TV out of my bedroom, an old cordless phone, and my
stereo. I was pretty bummed about my stereo, but in all
honesty, it had been over two years since I really played recently all I've been doing is moving it from
apartment to apartment and from room to room.

I've already went and bought a new TV, which I didn't
really have the money, but really wanted (OK, who actually
needs a TV?), and when I get the money, I'm gonna get one
of those mini-executive stereo systems to replace the one I
lost. My old one was some huge black system that took up
all this space. I guess I thought it made me look cool in
college, but the last few years it had just been in the
way. The only other things I'm replacing is a few of the
videotapes they made off with. They stole a whole bunch of
my VHS tapes...none of which I've watched in a couple of
years, since the advent of DVD. So, this gives me a good
excuse the go get my favorite movies I had on DVD now.

All in all, if could have been worse. I had just bought a
new computer that was less than three weeks old, and they
didn't even tough...nor did they take my dream system, or a
single DVD. So, even though it was a total shit-job, I
guess I consider myself lucky.

What kind of fucked up world do we live in that a person
considers himself lucky when half of his shit is stolen?

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