would the world stop spinning
2004-01-09 16:19:58 (UTC)

what am i thinking

i've spent months being totally angry at someone that i
don't know...i put alot of blame onto that melissa chic
when everthing went down,but i suppose it reality it was
not in the least her falt. she was probably told all the
same things i was told about roy,how they'd broken up and
he still called,how shitty he was to her while they were
together.....i think that backfired when she got us to
hang out and i saw how much he loved her and how much dirt
she kicked on him. maybe aften desurved to be treated a
little worse. i'd admittedly say that i wasn't the perfect
girl for her...and i'll admit that in the end i was way
shitty for the things i did...AND i'll even admit to
fighting with her alot. on the other hand! i treated her
better than she lets people know,i got into fights with
her for lieing to me,and i have no better excuse for what
i did in the end other than i was crushed and i wanted her
to feel that bad too. sometimes i still hope it worked.
i still let this girl walk over me,why? because a piece of
me will always belong to her......

lol,the rest belongs to caela.