Nick's Journal
2004-01-09 16:10:45 (UTC)

Fuck Blue's Clues I'm watching the Democratic Candidates Debate!

so usually when i'm home from college i'm watching
nickelodeon. everything from dora the explorer to blue's
clues, just lovin' it! but lately i was flipping through
the channels and stumbled upon c-span and the democratic
debates for the iowa caucus. now if there's anything more
entertaining than a blue dog, it's a bunch of people who
have their backs against the wall and absolutely no idea
how to get away from their entrapment.
i can almost name all of the candidates now (an amazing
feat i know), and let me tell you none of them are worth
shit. now i'm not what you would call a staunch supporter
of bush, (waiting for the homeland security department to
break down my door in 4......3.......2........1....)but i
don't believe he deserves so much criticism. sure there
are all kinds of problems, but come on it's politics. and
if i were to compare bush to clinton i would pick clinton
by a considerable margin, although regan would crush
clinton in my point of view. anyhow.
so i'm listening to these guys and i'm tickled by it. the
dem that i would vote for would be john kerry, hands
down. not because he's 'better' but because he's the most
straight-up guy out there (plus he served our country).
anyhow i'm listening to them and my least favorite most
likely dem is howard dean. first of all he needs to get a
chin, second of all he has to fucking answer a god damn
question!!! i can't stand this guy, he has not answered
ONE question yet. and i think i know why. for some odd
reason he is the most popular and most likely to win,
especially now with all these endorsements of gore and
bradley, so very simply his strategy is, "shut up, don't
say nothing dumb, and wait till you can engage bush in
debate when you're running for president". i hate that
mentality it's very spineless. but hey, it's just the way
politics is.
my absolute least favorite candidates are carol moseley
braun and al sharpton. sure you'll say cos they're black
but that's just too easy. i believe the fact that they're
black is the reason no body really LISTENS to them (except
for john stewart, whom i would marry if i were gay and he
were, just for making fun of these two candidates). i
don't quite understand how these two people are a part of
the running, cos they have no senate endorsements, i mean
where is their impetus coming from? they really waste
everybody else's time.
for example this is mrs. braun's answer to a very simple
question, "do you believe that bush's recent endeavor to
restore prestige to the space program is a worthy one?
namely the fact that he wants to go so far as to have
manned flights to mars"
her response : i believe that we should focus on housing
and homes for those that need them (she says that at the
beginning of every!!! question, i'm dead serious),
secondly i believe this won't benefit anybody who needs a
benefit (her second rhetoric). however i believe that we
should incorporate the space program with our other agenda
because it is a worthy endeavor.....................what???
what???? are you against it? don't you understand that
your first two rhetorical statements contradict your
conclusion? it doesn't benefit those that you represent
and you believe that the money should be used for other
however a good retort did come from kucinich (yeah i
know....who the fuck is that? right?), when asked if he
supports the right of a legislation that continues to
allow americans to keep guns in their homes he said,
"i support it to an extent but i believe that we should
look at the reason for their keeping guns in their homes.
i believe this reason stems from the republican government
drumming our citizens full of fear, half of the spending
is giong to pentagon activities, and our nation is in
constant fear, which is really unwarranted, and this i
believe leads to a false sense of, 'i am the only one who
can now protect my family, therefore i must own a gun'."
hell yeah kucinich! that's a great point, i don't
understand why he isn't the forerunner, instead of ole
anyhow, of course the main point for all democrats
is "taxing the rich and repealing bush's tax cut : read
wealthy persons cushion, and giving the money back to the
people that need it, in forms that they need it" in other
words, make the rich pay and give everybody else the
benefits. sounds great right? i mean why not?
i love al sharpton on this topic, he has to be the most
unreasonable son of a bitch alive. i have never seen
someone speak so certainly over something that he has no
inkling about.
he is the definition of a person that pleads for emotion
with no logic. what he states is something along the
lines of (now this is not an exact quote cos i can't quite
understand him very well when he speaks), "well they have
the money, why should they have the money? we need the
money. give it back!"
when you tax the rich, the large part that you tax is
their investments, not their income. they have the money
and they just want to make it grow. which is why the bush
tax cut catered to the rich (repealing the dividend tax
and cutting back the capital gains tax by half). if you
jack that shit up, then you know what they're going to
do? they're going to fight back. contrary to popular
belief the rich are about as keen on getting trod upon as
the rest of us and they will invest overseas were less
stringent taxes are imposed. as investor's business daily
stated, "remember the asian boom during the early clinton
years? where did that come from? oh, it was clinton doing
exactly what they propose now". you see, our country
ironically enough sits upon the shoulders of the rich. i
say ironically, because most people are under the
impression that the rich just stay away from our society
with their money all vaulted away in their rich little
deposit boxes. not so.
so you see al sharpton is just stupid. i understand his
pleas for emotion and all, but it just will cause the u.s.
to implode. the economy is doing better and will continue
to do so (unemployment will drop, don't get your grendel
all sweaty, it just lags cos companies have to kick start
their motor), because people : read 'rich' people, are
jumping in the market because they benefit. yes they are
doing it to benefit THEMSELVES, they are looking to
profit, but look at the effects it has, economy goes up,
more people work, wages go up, no more fear of deflation.
with enough growth in our economy, the looming deficit
will not be so looming.
now as i said i am concerned with a lot of bush's policies
but he has done a formidable job lately. i don't think
that any of the democrats can come even anywhere close to
ousting him in 2004, but i would definetly consider a
democratic choice in 2008, so long as it's not hillary
clinton or al sharpton. or what if they have a baby and
he runs for president? aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!