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2004-01-09 15:50:10 (UTC)

9th January 2003

I GOT IT! I GOT IT! I GOT IT! I got the notice for the
interview with SIA! WHOOPEE!
okay okay... deep breaths.....
i will celebrate when and if i get chosen for the job. it
is still too early to celebrate. I thought I got rejected
already, and imagine my exhilaration when i received their
email informing me that i'm invited for their interview.
yippee! for the past whole week, i've been telling my
friends that my application is in their rubbish bin,
because i've not had any word from them about my
application. and their deadline was 7th january. and today
is 9th january... i tot i'd failed even their initial
but yeahhahah! i got it!
more updates later.