Ramblings of a Mom
2004-01-09 15:10:17 (UTC)

Latest and Greatest!

It's been a little bit since I have written (again). When
it rains, it pours! My poor Mom is so stressed, I don't
even know how she is operating!
First, I have the middle brother who had a head-on
collision in his car with a tree because he had a seizure
while driving. This happened just because he refused to
take his meds for his seizure disorder. Now, he owes
nearly $500 to the wrecker service for the storage and
towing of the car. On top of that, he didn't have any
insurance, so he also still owes $12,000 on the car! In
the meantime, he has turned 26 years old and he wants to
whine to Mom and Dad about how he just HAS to have a car,
like he expects them to do something about it now after all
they have already done for him? And he's all worried about
me cooking a mexican casserole for him because I am going
into the hospital Monday morning to be induced with my
baby. Please, it keeps me busy!
My baby brother called my parents last night crying (from
California) and they talked to him for almost 3 hours.
Thirty minutes later, his fiancee calls, and she has to
call EMS because he passed out on the floor in the bathroom
and she couldn't get a response from him. He calls later
on in the night and tells our Mom, well, I'm alive. She's
so upset, she doesn't talk to him and just hands the phone
over to our Dad. He has hit a major depression with
everything and has coated it with drinking. He's 23,
getting married in just over a month, and is having to pay
for his own wedding (b/c his fiancee's family is a pain in
the ass!). Tack in that he wants me to be at his wedding,
at which time the baby will be 4-5 weeks old, he's worrying
about me and the baby, worrying about times in the past
that our brother has lied to him from jail or about taking
his meds, his wedding and fiancee, he just finally broke
Then along comes my oldest brother (half-brother, but
brother none the less) and he is excited for us and the
baby, but he starts telling my Mom that his younger son is
pulling a stunt on him and he doesn't know what to do or
think about it. Mom just says, well, I'm already knee deep
in everybody else's stuff, send me yours too!
Add to all of this us and the baby and that she is having a
very difficult and stressful time at work, and she is just
in a world of trouble! She's actually offering to take off
of work half days next week after I get home from the
hospital to 'help me' when in actuality she is trying to
get away from work and relax some. I feel bad about
everything that my parents are dealing with, but I don't
know how I can help as of right now. We got a paycheck
today of all of $164 and needless to say, that doesn't go
very far! I just want all things to go smoothly and for us
to get through Monday and have our house together when I go
Then I just want to get home with our baby and enjoy our
newly grown family for awhile. I am exhausted today, my
son was up and down most of the night crying, which usually
precipitates him being sick to his stomach. He was up 3
times within 2 hours, then slept for almost 4 hours, got up
again, and by that time my husband is yelling at him to
stop crying and that's when he throws up. By the time he
does that and I get him back in bed and settled, I am
nauseous. It's been kind of a tough go all around. I
gotta run, got lots of baking and such to do today. Until

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