would the world stop spinning
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2004-01-09 10:27:10 (UTC)

how does it feel?

i just wrote this to a girl named melissa,i'd rather not
know her,but i had my heart broken bcuz of her..and now
she's just had hers broken and i know how she feels, so i
thought i'd say something.

i first wanna say that i'm sorry your feeling so hurt
right now.
ya know,i'd be willing to guess you dont wanna hear what i
have to say,more less care....but i'm the one person in
the world who knows exactly what your feeling...i wanted
to post before,but thought it a very bad idea..i think now
is a good time.
i tried to just get her to love me for me,then i tried to
get her the things that she wanted... i even tried to not
care at all. she never loved me an ounce of how much i
loved her...she lied to me,and cheated on me..with you....
and above all else she lied to other people about how i
was to her,i was great to her!! fucking treated her like a
queen...but still she was shitty to me no matter what i
did,and i wish you had not had to deal with what i went
threw.two years of my life... i saw the things that have
been written about her and her friends and tho i'm fully
aware it's none of my business i also feel that i know her
a little better and i've seen the things that they have
all gone through with her...i don't blame them for
quiting, it would be rude of me to say your finally
getting a lesson in what she's really like,and it would be
presumptous to think you've even got a good lesson....but
eventually you'll know her better and at that point think
about how i felt hearing your voice on the phone.
i'm sorry..