Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
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2004-01-09 05:54:38 (UTC)

Boring Day

today was a pretty boring day in the morning...i woke up
went online the usual.. then i did something unusual..
:my laundry: i kno its amazing..launrdy is soo much easier
at school cuz theres like a million washers and dryers..u
can doo allll ur laundry at once instead of 20 seperate
different loads ya then cheryl came home from
boarding..oh ya she woke me up early to find knee pads cuz
shes a clutz hahaha and fell and has an ENORMOUS bruise on
her knee..anywayz i decided i NEEDED to go to the mall so
cheryl called billy and we decided to we went to
garden state cuz that is the shit and i bought a few
things..i didnt go crazee but i got sorry
to very abusive..i hope he got it out of his
system cuz my arm has a black and blue from his temper
tantrum hahaha..hes the onlee one that reads this so its
ok he knows what im talkin ya then we drove
around..went to da gate to visit my favorite psycho donna
and then wound up goin home cuz we were all past ya tomorrow im goin boardin wit cheryls
equipment and her triple play card..i dont gotta spend
nething..lets just hope i dont break nething hahaha..well
im off