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2004-01-09 03:23:23 (UTC)

Imagine this... im going to complain

OK... last nite i def. could not sleep so i was up till
2:30 watching tv... and on VH1 there happened to be one of
those documentaries on a famous person. Im not going to
say the name bc i despise the person and think they are
fake and not worthy of any public attention. Anyway, this
person was talking about all the public attention they were
recieving because of who they were, and the attention they
were getting was negative. So anyway, this person was
bitching about how people they didn't even know were making
up stuff about them, telling everyone about it, and making
them feel like shit. Well personally, (and consider the
fact i was up at like 2, so i was bitchy to begin with) i
wanted to throw something at the fucking tv because i was
so pissed off at this person. I just wanted to yell "how
the fuck do you think i feel bitch?! the people talking
about you are people who dont know, dont know anything
legtimate facts about you.... i have people that are
supposed to be my friends stabbing me in the back, using
information about me that i trusted them with, telling the
whole fucking world and telling people they know damn well
cant keep their mouth shut (-- genious i tell you)... and
how else do you think it feels that when people talk behind
your back, your friends dont stick up for you bc "they dont
want to fight" fuck that shit, bc i would do that for one
of my friends, i guess im going to have to rethink how much
effort i put into my friendships, if i even fucking bother