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2004-01-09 03:04:27 (UTC)


talk, reasearch, and reading. I'm on page 581. Bozo's about
1/2 way through the book. OH well, I'm catching up. I was
suppose to be half was as well this morning, but I watched
S.W.A.T. instead. Oh well. I had fun atleast. Still must
watch deleted scenes and such. I'm about 120 pages shy of
middle of a 1450 page book, which is to be returned in 6
days. So not bad.

The reasearch is that of work. Looking through my stuff I
realized that no wonder I haven't been getting any sales.
Not only did I not complete my 2 day training, (Only had
one day,) but I also don't have all of the catalogs which I
knew to begin with, and don't have the full price list. So
how the hell do they expect me to sell. I tried. Just so
happened that everyone was interested in the one thing I
didn't know squat about. I'm gonna have to hope patricia
call me and soon so that we could meet at the place some
day and finally get the ball rolling. I hope she still has
my number. Considering the fact that I don't have hers and
she hasn't been calling makes it seem as though she wasn't
serious about this, but she was interested maybe it just
slips her mind. I must find out what her number is and call
her and soon, or just come by her workplace to inquire if
she is still interested. I would like to get one sale in. I
do believe I can do this. I can sell these things. I just
don't believe I can sell anything that I don't know the
price of or benefits of. That just doens't sell. Time will
give me all else that is needed and improve me. But for now
I got ripped off when I payed for training. Plus I almost
got a stocker.

Talk though, I talked to Tina about whether I need the
basic classes. Just as I subconsciously knew, I do. So she
told me to be careful about it though cause sometimes you
can't transfer your credits to the school cause they demand
to get more cash from you by taking their classes only.
Other then that she said it's a good idea and to look into
financial aid, talk to the college counselor and let her
know how it is all going. So that's just what I'm going to
do. Can't wait. Oh so Christina was right. I'm gonna give
her a call as soon as I get off line. I need to get into
Wright now. I'm not worried if I passed or not. I am a
little worried about the math part of it all though. I need
to figure out what classes I need to take. I know I need
Humanities, English, and a bunch more. But I want to work
it out so I can take as many of these as possible at a
time, and photography. If possible, also french. If that
works out I could take the job thing part time. It's still
a bundle of dough. It will work out. Must give Rob a call
soon though.

Great news though when it comes to Video Crew...
I feel so special. Saturday we are going to get started on
interpreting video into the performance. So I'll be in the
blocking with them. I'll be experamenting and playing just
like the actors do, but I'll be the Bigeye. I'll be doing
it all from camera view. Eventually I will do the scenes
with an actuall camera at hand. I might not even say
anything, likely nothing at all. But I will speak silently
nevertheless. (knock on wood.) I will speak with movement.
Exploring the way camera moves. This is just fantastic
because this process is fantastic for an actor. It makes
you discover new places one can go while acting. Doing this
with a camera may, and will open my eyes to a whole new way
of video taping. Eventually we will try to get a real
camera from Columbia maybe that I would have strapped
around my hips so that it would hold stiller. Which would
be cool. This would contribute to that project were gonna
do. The 30 minute film. This way, the camera is truly an
actor. A silent partner.

Spiffy sweet. :0)

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