Oh,The Insanity
2004-01-09 02:24:17 (UTC)

It Really Feels Like I'm Losing My Best Friend

Tomorrow I'm moving in with Laura and Abby and Neil and
Tyler...and not Adam. This is, um...sad and stuff and I'm
really trying to stay somewhat upbeat about the whole
thing because its all for the best and all that crap. But
of course that's not working, because I'm sitting here
crying and writing in here. yeah, the tell-tale signs of a
There is hope that he might find a new job or get more
hours or something miraculous involving large quantities
of currancy and adam happening upon the afformentioned
monies...but I doubt it. I got a new job today...so I can
take care of me...but i'd like to take care of him too.
His family has been so great...:(
ok, I'm leaving now, I feel pukey.

Peace, Love and Migratory-Marshmallows