lyssa's Diary!
2004-01-09 00:33:23 (UTC)

back to school :(

well last night i went to work... for a whopping 4 hrs! lol
ne ways i hada pretty good time for once i worked with cat
which i rarely do. and she was maken me laugh and we talked
about alot of funnystuff. then i went home and attempted in
doin my homework... got know where LOL... then aj called me
and we talked about him not waken up till 10 pm. and blah
blah lol.. then we hung up sense he wasgoin back to bed.
yea i know .. lol.... then i went to bed around 11 30. i
could not sleep! i didnt fall asleep till about 3 am! and
thenwoke up at 5:30! i was soo tired but iwas thinken
about alot of things.
i woke up for work, and got ready and left.. found a
parking spot and went inside where i talked to some ppl i
hadnt seen in like forever! lol almost 3 weeks. it was cool
went to drama worked onour scences... aerobics worked out
and all of us talked bout our vacations! it was pretty
interesting .. lol... in AH... (american heritage) ugh!!!
but i have like a 30 page report due tomorrow, and and i
havent e ven started! ahh lol... ehh wont take me long
already know what im doin. then after school i went to tiny
sparts and did my comm. service project it was fun again
and i got to know this girl nicole who i didnt like much b4
and shes cool.. i guess, still a little loud but she knows
when to handle herself. aj called me while i was there, i
was glad he did it reminded me of him with all those little
babies sense he loves kids! he said it was cute and could
hear them and i dunno.. lol then he tried singing this song
but he didnt know the words ... it was funny. i then drove
home and to find out my sister had my book for my report,
and i had to drive her to school, where i slipped down my
drive from the ice and ran into my mail box LOL... ehh it
was ok... then i came back and im here... im gonna start on
my homework soon... im just so tired ... and hungry! but
yea ttyl!!

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