life sux sometimes get used to it.
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2004-01-08 23:35:50 (UTC)

january 8 2004

well this is my fist entry i just wanted to check it out
and see how it works out?well today i suppose was like any
otherday i went to skool and started a food fight and i
haave detention tommorrow and monday.man them cheer leaderz
were mad... haha but who cares it was funny, and i'm alwayz
up for a good laugh. chris if you read this 'life goes
on'have you found a special someone yet?(LOL)obviously
we're all 'special'well band practice was on til'5:30 today
it normally lasts till 6:00 oh well.those that know me ,
owuld say i'm weird (unusaual) and i have a weird
personality.(sense of humor)i'm running away with my cuzin
in a few months (shh dont tell) well thats all for now L8R

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