Bailey R

Spok Me
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2004-01-08 22:43:29 (UTC)

Smushed brownies are real good.. ;) karli!

Hollah! :) what's shakin'? nada here.. everyone's startin
to ask people to turnabout.. i asked Sam B. and i guess
we're going.. ? but his sister LeeAnne is kinda pissed i
guess.. but w/e.. *get over it* haha... i know what dress i
want! its black and strapless.. i'm definately LOVING IT ..
and then shoes.. well everything is based around them..
there red backless heels.. omgsh *so* amazing! haha Sorry
guys, but i can't wait to get dress up! 3 even though its
like a month away! :( it will be here soon tho.. ;) well im
gonna go

Xo * Bailey R.