Marco Jacksonovic

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2004-01-08 20:51:44 (UTC)

Long Time No Write. Just Amused Though Now.

Kilroy-Silk is in the doggy-doo now, people. He wrote a
surprisingly offensive article in a newspaper about how he
dislikes Arabs, and he is (rightly) being chastised and
threatened with the sack over it.

He is not a fool normally, Kilroy-Silk, annoying as people
who tell you the story of the Emperor's New Clothes, sure,
but not a fool. He's just let loose and abused a people
who - yes, they have bad eggs amongst them, like every
group; even the Beatles (Who could I mean?...) - don't
really deserve it.

Now, I'd like to think I mix my eccentricity with a bit of
genuine knowledge...a bit like a pox-free William IV
wannabe...and I think he's overstepped the mark here.
Presumably, he will lose his column in the Express (as a
liability to sensible people) and the BBC are threatening
to throw the book at him too.

So what do I care? I don't like Kilroy. I don't like
Kilroy-Silk. If the BBC take off the pretentious drivel,
then the world will be better. Unless they replace it with
more coloured things for kids. They just scare the hell
out of me.

WILT? The Black Keys-Thickfreakness. Really, folks.