would the world stop spinning
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2004-01-08 20:23:08 (UTC)

stupid diary

i havn't been able to get on here for a few days...
i don't know what is new,hung out with ali and shannon.
we went to the store so that ali could buy panties and
socks...shannon and i goofed off all over the store...good
times.i was supposed to hang out with crystal but plans
fell through,and besides that i think that she's probably
scared of shannon by now...who came over and got on my
computer acting like me and made an ass outta me.
thanks... oh well we are going to make plans for another
night. this time i think i'll make plans for just her and
i to do something,maybe my friends are all a little to
much just yet,they can be a little....ummm...well hard to
get their humor.
i'm finally getting over this cold...see if i kiss people
at 12 on new years again,lol.
caela comes home soon...i miss her,but it's getting alot
easier since i'm hanging out with people alot,and with me
not being able to talk to her.i think that maybe i should
keep it that way. it was really hard when she was here and
i was talking to her about every'll be the same
thing all over as soon as i hear her voice.