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2004-01-08 20:22:33 (UTC)

First Day.

Hello, Hello.
This is my first day writing in my diary. A friend
said that I should try to keep a daily diary of what's
going on in my life to help create a balance...she thinks
I am depressed and honestly so do I. My husband and I just
moved to a new town and he is going to attend college, I
on the other hand am going to work. I have been trying to
get a job, but unfortunately I don't have one yet. To be
honest it is starting to wear on me. I feel somehow
worthless, but I know that this is just a temporary
My life feels so pathetic and boring, there's no
excitement. I miss excitement. I am also struggling with
weight loss...something I believe most women in America
do. I am excited to do Pilates, I am hoping it will also
add some excitement to my life, or at least take some
pounds away from my body. ;)
I use to be the kind of person that was always busy
and I like to be busy. I now don't want to do anything. I
find myself sitting around doing nothing all the time. I
didn't make any new years resolutions...I wanted to but I
know how hard they are to keep. So instead I am now...8
days into the new year making some new years resolutions.
Better late than never, right? So here goes.
*Stay positive, try to look at the better side of things
than always the worst side.
*Lose weight, have enough self-control, self-dicipline and
perseverance to lose 15 pounds (goal weight=125).
*Never give up, not on myself, my husband or the people
around me, or the situations that I may get into.
*Write to at least one family member once every two weeks
(not the same family member either).
*GET A JOB, so I have something to fill out my day, and
some money to bring home.
So here goes, a new year, a new me, a new future. I
hope that it brings joy and love and also hard times and
tears to remind me to enjoy the good things. E.

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