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2004-01-08 19:13:38 (UTC)

thursday afternoon

here i am. yeah, it's been a long time, i know. i just
haven't had the motivation to write anything. it's the day
after my birthday. one more year and then i'll be my lucky
number. wonder if it's all downhill after that? hah. i'm
just getting over the flu, but it was only a short one.
nasty, but short. right now i'm reading cold mountain and
i'm a little more than half done with it. it was a
christmas gift from kimmie. i had a bit of a fight with
kenny this morning, though i'm still not quite sure about
what. he was acting weird. and i'm a bitch in the
morning. so i dunno. it just resulted in an argument.

sheesh, i'm nautious. guess it's just a lovely little
leftover form the flu. school starts back up in 4 days.
i'm anxious. but don't know how i am going to afford
books. i have 3 different books that cost $95 apiece.
ugly, huh? and as soon as i pay my car insurance, i'll
have less than $50 to my name. plus i still owe rachel
money for the cable and phone bills. you have absolutely
no idea how much all this money bullshit irks me.

the girls, kimmie and lori, are planning on going up to NYC
the beginning of next month for a weekend. i've been
invited to go also, but i don't see how that would be
possible. on top of what i've already mentioned, there
will be other regular bills, more stuff for school, car
needs to be inspected, car payment, rocky needs to go to
the vet, and kenny's birthday. plus, i'm sure there's
something i've forgotten. they're counting on their refund
checks from school, but i plan on putting most of that
towards bills and such, and just keeping the rest as 'in
case' money.

ah, well, i'm done grumping and complaining i suppose.
maybe i'll write some more later.

hugs and love,
~stardust keeper~

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