The Best Damn Diary - PERIOD!
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2004-01-08 07:03:21 (UTC)

"HiGh - VoLuMe FiVe lol"

Fucked up again tonight...and contemplating things over.
So, no more conspiracies, cause i'm outta those for now
lol. So, here's my thoughts tonight.

Sittin here, thinkin Of one person...her name is cheree.
She's now in the city i live in (I think)...and i've
waited a year to hear those words. But, we're not
together...and i dunno what to do or say, cause i'm still
stuck in the position where i still love her, and still
wanna be with her.

I'm like this all the time (Not just when i'm stoned). I
almost cried lastnight, cause all of this came crashing
down on me, and hit me like a reality. I so wish that we
could be i can hear the words "I love you"
while she's with me, not just on the computer.

But, i have to suffer right now, i guess. Apparently, she
has a boyfriend....and i really don't wanna be the one to
cause that to end, i don't like bein in the middle of

I Hope she knows i love her, and miss her, and want her
here with me so bad.

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