Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
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2004-01-08 06:16:12 (UTC)

NYC babee

so today at around 5ish me cheryl cindy and meesha went to
NYC..we wanted to go to the MET but it closed at 55 so we
figured wed wing it and decide what to do when we got
there...we parked in hoboken and took the path
over..gettin around NY is confusin at times cuz theres so
many colors and letters for the need to take a
class on that shitz..newayz we finally got to time square
so we wanted to see a broadway show so we went theatre
hoppin to find the best deals..RENT no show, Lion King no
seat, 42nd Street too expensive..we wound up at FAME and
got out seats for a whoppin 26.50 per person..student
discount was a fukin awesome show..if neone has
seen the movie Center Stage then u kno the black gay guy
in the not racist or nething but thats how u
would ya he was in FAME it was sooooo kewl..and
in the show hes all dissin ballet cuz he says black ppl
dont do ballet hahahah it was just funny..also there was
this girl from the babysitters club..she was
it as the was a really good show..deff thumbs then we decided to go bak but we went to mikey d's
first for some grub and we walked through time square
eatin it..we were gonna take a taxi but they were all full
and the last path left at 11:42 and we didnt wanna miss we took the subway bak to 33rd and this wierd guy
asked cindy for her food lol and she like walked away but
he followed her ahahahha..then when we got to the path we
bought round trip and the thing told cindy that she had no
rides left and she was confused but i went through and i
was like cindy move the thing and it worked...u had to be
there lol..all in all a fun nite in after that
went out wit brando for a lil while..i was very laughy cuz
i think i was tired but im not nemore..i was takin random
close up pics in the car and cheryl kelt stoppin in the
middle of the street lol..wierd wierd wierd hahah...OMG so
mad at the library at ESU..they told me i had overdue
books but i brought them least kelly was supposed
to return them for me and she said she did but i wrote
them an email and they just send another
letter...gergrgggrgg now i gotta figure this shit out when
i get bak..i hate blind old lady librarians!!

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