My Diary
2004-01-08 05:58:29 (UTC)

A new year , a fresh start

Unlike the previous years, I actully was looking for the
new year of 2004 right at the end of 2003. However, I
still have the usually thing to say for the new year to
come... " Time is just passing by extremely fast, I can't
believe that another year has already passed and the new
year is here".

It is always encouraged not to look back , but to look
forward.. A friend of mine in France has been asking me
what is my new year resolution since 1998... and he still
does... when I think about my new year resolution, it
should means something that I would stick to and decided to
acheive in the new year to come. Problem occur when I tend
to forget about my new resolution in a very short period of
time, what's the point of setting a new year reolution if
you don't remember and have the commitment on it.

The trip to Hokkaido in Christmas and New Year was good. I
was very glad to visit Yuko-chan and Shiro there. And the
place Hokkaido is really a fantastic place to visit with
excllent seafood. It was first worry and think that Yuko-
chan might not enjoy living there and would get blue after
she moved there in early Novembmer. Now, I can see that she
is living happily there, I do feel the peace in heart. It
is interesting even for myself to think on Friendship
sometimes, Friendship really means a lot to me and I am
glad that I have been able to keep up with some good
friendship over the years.

Looking ahead...
2003 was a challenging year and 2004 will continue to be a
challenging year as for my plan to moving out of here to
another strange foreign place..
Workwise, perahps it is the new year and everyone is still
pretty relax just coming back form Christmas and western
new year holiday... I actully find it quite good to work
for this company. In a way, work isn't really my top
pirority at the moment, I am very much looking forward to
the chance of living abroad again later on this year.

There were so many things that I planned to write just
before I logged on... I have just lost all my thoughts..
will write me later...

Have a great year to come!