Nick's Journal
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2004-01-08 05:12:55 (UTC)

So maybe i've made a couple of mistakes

small ones. you know like when you spell your name for
someone and you do that stupid shit of "a as in apple, b
as in bad", "n as in nigger". sigh if only i knew how to
be politically correct.
but atleast i'm not that fuck that comes to a complete
stop whenever i take a turn. what is wrong with you
people? unless you are on a fucking unicycle you take
that turn with some velocity!
or how about me at interviews? ha, really great. i'm
horrible at small talk so once that lag in convo happens,
i don't pick it up. for example,
employer : gosh it's cold out
me : you think this is cold? try being homeless!
employer : ...................
me : ....................
see, not good.
and you would think that a heterosexual male would have no
problem commenting on the voluptiousness of a female's
ass, especially if it's his wife! geez, throw me a god
damn bone ass.
i just can't "get off the ground" with these people. i'm
just buried beneath awkward retorts such as,
employer : qu'elle heure et'il?
me : what?
employer : that's french
me : ............
employer : it says on your resume you know how to speak it
me : french?
bad, just bad.
anyhow, i can't even order a fucking sandwhich anymore.
like i went to this chinese grocery store and they had
this made to order sandwhich thing, and cos they're good
with numbers and don't know a fucking work of english they
always say, "numba please!"
so i musta picked the aborted vietnamese fetus on the menu
cos the slab of bloody meat on my sandwhich did not look
like any sort of meat i've ever seen in this
life.....unless it was cat. ah whatever.