The Best Damn Diary - PERIOD!
2004-01-08 04:41:33 (UTC)

About Me lol

For those of you who follow up on my journal, i'm gonna do
this just so i don't get asked in the future (Cause this
is one of my pet peeves lol) A/S/L, so here's the

I'm 20/m/Canada lol...if you wanna get technical, I live
in Alberta. I'm currently single, and not looking at the
moment (If you read my know why)

I like all kinds of music...everything from rock to
country and in between. My main focus is on Rock, new and
old, cause I grew up on everything from the Eagles to
Fleetwood mac.

My ALL TIME FAVOURITE BAND: Blink 182! They write so many
songs that relate to me, and how i feel. They're new album
is an example. "I Miss you" and "I'm lost without you"
have gotta be the slowest songs blink has ever done, so,
they're my favourites from the Album. I own every album by
blink...except budha and Chesire Cat.

I'm also another one going through the whole depression
and anxiety thing. I'm on 4 medications for it, and have
been on them since may 2003. I also suck off the
government, due to me not being able to work...i make a
lousy $254 a month...and trust me, it DOESN'T LAST LONG lol

Anyways, i think that about covers me....but if i left
anything out, let me know...message me on here...i try to
respond to all the people that msg me, and if i haven't
yet...i will

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