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2004-01-08 04:38:27 (UTC)

mmm hhmmm

well today i had off and for the count down... 2 days left
before practice lol
well today i met up with my friend from work... and we went
to the mall it was great we had so much fun... she's a lot
like me and i dunno but yeah and i got my cowboys visor..
so exciting lol even tho they r now out of the play offs
but hey they made it anyways..........
well then me and my friend jess got together.. it was great
we had no idea of what to do... well she decided she liked
my lotion so we went back to the mall and she bought
some... but i saw some of the greatest people there... the
ones that no matter what they do or say they can make u
smile or laugh.. its great i missed then so much...
specially one of them :o)he's such a great guy and i dont
care what anyone says :o) well then me and jess had lots of
fun with them and she thought james was cute.. howver she
thought that before when i intorduced them to her in their
dorm room... but somereason she didnt relize they were the
same people until i finally knocked it into her head so
basically she thought the same guy was cute... she can be a
little numb.. but so can i anyways im gonna leave this with
a smile on my face and well yeah