purple star

Never once spoken
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2004-01-08 03:21:04 (UTC)

no tears no sympathy

dont try to fix me.... im not broken. i heard this in an
evanescence song today... well not for the first time today
but it really stuck out in my head today. i have always
tried to convey this. its strange because i really am
broken in many ways however i would much rather fix my own
problems than have someone else try to do it for me.

im in a surprisingly good mood considering the amount of
stress im under. i think because i work better under
pressure, i just see it as a challenge. i know i say that
i will settle for Cs in my classes, but i secretly want As
so that i can say and what to everyone who thought i
couldnt do it (including myself). i dont know. im
strange. that i know.

i havent written in this thing in like a month i believe.
and i know that i had started to adapt the im at a loss for
the word.... come on think! uhhhh. new concept if you
will for this journal by only writing metaphorically, but
as you can see i have deviated from that philosophy. for
this entry anyway...

i am taking 2 minimester classes (a whole semesters worth
of work packed into 3 weeks) and im working. so i have a
little case of insanity right now. i met someone that i
really like.... who LIVES IN THE US! good job
heather. :) haha. hopefully it will go somewhere.
although its sort of at a grinding halt because of my
schedule right now, but once the regular semester starts
and this is over i will have more time. ok well that is
all for now. im going to clean my room. love!