Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
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2004-01-08 02:15:55 (UTC)

my pathetic attempt at a poem :-D

life isnt as simple as the adults make it look.
then again nothing is as easy as it looks.
and the movies dont help either,
they make love seem like such an easy thing
but isnt not all peaches and cream.
there is hills and valleys,
ups and downs,
highs and lows,
but all the movies show is the ups and the highs.
what they need to do is make a movie,
that shows heartache and pain,
that shows the fights as well as the pleasure,
and the pain as well as the love.
maybe if movies showed what love was really about,
then maybe a lot of people might get it right the 1st time,
instead of having marrages that last a few months,
followed by a fight and divorce.
And in the movies its like love at 1st sight.
they never show the hard work put into the relationship.
movies need to.
because thats what love is,
a friendship that grew into more.
there is no love at 1st sight.
life has no fairy tale love.
life has no happy endings.
yet thats what our parents tought to us.
and lord knows that were going to continue that tradition,
and teach it to our kids.
but im going to go further.
im gonna teach my kids the truth,
along with the fairy tales.
teach them that love comes with hard work,
and that you need to work at it.
and that divorce isnt the answer except in extreme cases.
thats what i will teach my kids,
so that they wont be hurt by love like i have.
what will you do?

That was just my pathetic attempt at
what im feelin...maybe u'll like it....maybe u wont...i
dont write for fame...i write for me...if u like
it...fine...if not...keep ur comments to

ttyl. Love,