A Day in the Life of Me
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2004-01-08 01:09:09 (UTC)


hello, everyone! I Drove with and Instructor today and
guess what I'm ready to get my license!! WOO! 'm so excited.
alright on to something else. Well i have been staying away
from my normal crowd at school and i am feeling better
about myself, because now i realize i can live with out
them and i am a lot stronger than i thought i was. I almost
want to say thank-you to the people sending me horrible e-
mails, but i won't because i hope he dies.
Oh... did i tell you i was goign to say something about My
siser and her Ex. Well I guess "Ex" was going to call
charlotte and tell her that he was dumb and he doesn't want
her to hate him. But nothing he can do will make he think
he is any better and i don't blame her for it either. I
still love "Ex" which my sister doesn't care, because i
think she realizes that he was a big part of me growing up
and its hard to give up, and since she had to give it up
she knows not to push it.
And guess what i did today.... I signed up to be in the
school play!, lol i'm so happy im trying new things and
will soon be making new friends which i think might need to
Well, I need to do some genetics, later.

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