Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
2004-01-07 19:43:12 (UTC)

1st day back to school....

well i was right...the reason that i felt so alone and
depressed is that i wasnt around my friends. yea i could
talk to people (the most important of them all being Cody)
but i couldnt have that interaction with them. and now
that school has so HAPPY! lol
I got drama 1 1st per with my friends Aly (my sis) and
I got chem 1 hrs. 2nd per with Aly's boyfriend, Nick (we
used to call him Nick-the-chick b4 him and Aly got
I got team sports 3rd per.
I got C lunch with Sabby, Lizzy, Ashleigh, Carrianne,
Lindsay, Steph, Gina, Jason, Jenn, Ray, Rodney, Misty,
John, Janet, Jose, Jacoby and my baby girl Alyson (she
grabbed my ass today and me and her kissed....nothing big
just a pop kiss. :-D)
I got Reasearch V 4th per with Gina, Kelsey and TC.
I also got to see...Matt Godwin, Cassie, Josh Irvin,
Hobbit (Nick) and David...
When i saw John, Matt G, Matt J, David, and Ray i ran and
gave them a BIG hug...
I had missed all of my friends....I needed to see all of
them. But i missed not being online all day with Cody and
Sabby and Gabe...
btw...Lizzy yelled at meh for Cody being mad at plz...

Well ima gonna go...ttyl.