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2004-01-07 19:40:59 (UTC)

How do u like ur ice?

so the past few days havent been crazee but theyve been
fun since ive been chillin wit my friends..the other day i
went to see master and commander wit billy n cheryl...umm
it was ok i guess..not my favorite in the entire
world..billy told me (yelled at me) and let me kno that he
actually reads this thing every once in a i now
oficially have one person that reads about my dull boring saturday u had to fukin work 9 hours cuz
james decided he didnt wana go in..totally blew cuz i had
to work all nite wit harold but whatever its money which i
need cuz i spend it so ya on monday i just sat
around all day like a lazy nite we went to the
movies wit michelle and cindy..cindy didnt have her id so
she had to pay 9 bucks and she was very upset by
we saw paycheck which was pretty good and then we snuck
into love dont cost a thing so cindy had redemption for
spending 9 bucks..we originally went in that movie cuz we
were waiting for peter pan to start but it was actually a
pretty cute movie so we stayed til the was pretty
funny tho cuz there was the most annoying guy sitting next
to cheryl that didnt know how to be quiet..we heard
everything he said the entire movie and he was just tryin
to get his date to laugh which didnt happen ya
then yesterday we went on a shoppin spree at IKEA and the
container store cuz i needed some last minute stuff to
spice up my room b4 we went sux that i gotta go
bak on sunday b/c i really dont feel that i spent as much
time wit my friends as i could have...last nite i went out
to dinner with kate who i havent seen since i got bak cuz
she went to maine without tellin me..we had fun..we always
have fun lol..then attempted to go bowling wit amamdna and
marissa but for some reason it was league nite...who has
league nite one tuesdays? we just came bak to my
house and watched uptown girlz wit kim too...then we went
bowling after..we onlee played one frame which was kewl
cuz i kicked azz..118!! which i good compared to the 66 76
and 67 everyone else got hasnt been that
exciting but we are hopefully goin to the city..i really
wish i wasnt stuck in the middle of things sometimes..i
duno what to do wit chrissy n drea cuz i dont want them to
be fighting when we get bak cuz that would just blow cuz i
already have to go bak n see kelly..grrgrrr

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