champagne supernova
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2004-01-07 15:58:48 (UTC)


well yes, everything worked out fine between bobby and i,
and i was being dumb when i wrote that entry a week or so
ago that i had erased.and i even forgave him for lying to
me AGAIN. about smoking. i cannot stand cigarettes, i hate
them and everything they are and when he got caught LYING
again about skiping school a few months ago, he started
smoking again and didnt bother to tell me. so we got into a
fight about something while i was there and it was because
he developed quite a habit of blowing up at people for no
reason,,,,why? well come to find out he has been smoking
again, and didnt tell me. hes supposedly trying to quit and
the cravings made him act that we had a looong talk
about him lying to me,i did nothing but cry, and not
understand why the hell he keeps lying to me, if he cant
tell me the truth then we have no relationship. this long
distance buisness means nothing if he cant be truthful.i am
soooo angry. im also very upset at the same time.i just
want to cry. he swore to me he would do nothing but be
honest with me. i cant believe anything he says.nothing.
this whole thing is a joke. i just dont know what to do.
obvioulsy everything thing ive said to him, all the times i
have forgiven him, all the encouragement means nothing.
why ???? because he skipped school again. im starting to
believe he isnt going to graduate. he cant. he lied again.
i dont trust him anymore. not at all. he told me " i swear,
i will do everything to earn your trust back",,,and what
did i do ? i believed him and forgave him.
i dont trust him.