Ramblings of a Mom
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2004-01-06 21:06:22 (UTC)


We have gone to the doctor, and have opted for induction.
As it stands right now, we will be inducing me to have this
baby on Monday, just six short days away! When we saw the
doctor today, he told me that I was 1 1/2 cm dilated, 30%
effaced, and my cervix was pretty soft already. He
estimated that it would be at least another week, maybe as
long as another 3 weeks. As we talked and he realized that
I am just ready to get this over with, he offered to have
me induced. We were like, okay, when? His offers were
Monday or, at my husband's request, we could do it next
Friday, but that would put us in a situation where our
doctor would not be on call for sure and it would be
someone else come 4 pm Friday on. Hmmmm, tossed it around
and around, and it kept coming back to Monday.
I've got family coming into town (again) that following
weekend for their son's 16th birthday celebration, my son
has visitation with his Dad that weekend, it just kept
weighing against doing it on Friday. Not only that, by
then we could have this baby naturally by then, ya know? I
guess it's weird, but I like knowing that we have some kind
of control over this process. My husband is wired about
it! He's so cute about it. He just says that he wishes
instead of the 12th of January that the baby's bday could
be April 24th, which is his bday. He says put a clamp on
it and just schedule a c-section for that day. I told him
hell no he's crazy if he thinks that I will go through this
for another 3 and a half months!
Anyway, I guess I better get motivated and get things ready
for this baby!