the adventures of saz
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2004-01-06 19:03:34 (UTC)


today has been fab went hyper at skool and asked every1 if
they put fish down their pants? but no 1 sed yes :( which
is bad cos it is funny if they do but o well pointing and
screeming at people is fun 2 cos they get really funny
looks lol but i do 2 but im used to it cos i usally forget
to take my medication and get strange looks.
but anyway life is good i keep seeing ollie every where and
this is starting to scare me because he is fit and i dont
think he likes me but o well his loss.
also i wrote a really good poem in english today ! not that
any1 cares at all. but anyway dad gets back from oz on
saturday aparently hes got me loads of surf gear! but i no
its onli cos i wasnt invited to his wedding and my half
brother and sister, aunty and uncle plus my cousins
were!!!! what a bugger, but i no its my evil stepmother
shes a bitch and i really hate her well if u knew her im
sure u would to lol.
so my life at the moment well lets see shall we : evil step
mother, moving to spain in 3 months leaving all my friends
behind ! how tragic but o well i do love it there, no
boyfriend! but o well im fine in my self, just im bloody
hungry so im gonna leave u for now while i search the
cupboards!!! au revior my darlings

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