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2004-01-06 08:00:49 (UTC)

Dude, dude, dude...

Kinda falsely excited here. I've gotten a bit upset about
the whole birthday situation, mother is putting it more and
more in my face since she needs to get started on the whole
shebang if anything is gonna get done. I needed to talk to
a friend about this real bad today. Someone who knows me
very well, knows my problems, knows my past and knows my
groups. I only thought of Teresa, but her phone is still
disconnected. I was gonna call Elizabeth, but it was 10:30
already. I called Christina instead. Since I might not
invite her. Not alot of people can stand her, and quite
frankly I'm getting a little agitated myself.

I was also somewhat irritated about the whole job thing.
Well just kinda down on my luck and uncertain, confused.
Rob called me at about 6, and asked how are the sales
going. Turns out I was suppose to fill out those papers
that I had a shortage on, and I shouldn't be even talking
to the friends of mine that don't have atleast 20 hours of
work per week. Thank god for Patricia who might call me to
maybe purchase something. I asked when will I start some
actuall stuff with incoming people. He said atleast within
one week. I gotta get one sale on my own, then I have to
watch him do one sale, followed by him watching me do one.
If Patricia ever calls I'm gonna try to talk with her about
this by this guy in the office where he can give me an
infinite amount of catalogs and information on the product
incase I slip up. So I'm guessing maybe one more month and
I'll be getting settled. I hate this feeling of uncertainty
though. That and the birthday thing have led me to call
upon (sigh) Christina.

So I call and she starts disturbing my mind with another
problem. I should take my core classes at wright. So I tell
her that I will not have this. That I don't need it. I'll
be a film maker don't need english, math and all that shit.
She sais otherwise, and I hate that she's right. She told
me that I should go on columbia's website and ivestigate
whether I need the core classes or not. Turns out I do.
Fuck. I hung up on her since she was leaving me more
irritable and depressed. I did ...(checking)... No wait,
this doesn't seem right. Here is a chart copied for
requirements for the number of hours needed to get the
degree. I think the actuall core/ core classes that she's
talking about are defined as developmental classes. But
rather no, cause it doesn't seem right that one would have
to take so many classes, and in an arts school, for film of
all things. 48 hours. So if one class gives you 4 credits
let's say, that would leave 12 classes or so. This is over
a years work. Like 3 semesters I believe. So I don't know.
Check out the chart:

Film and Video Core Curriculum

Development and Preproduction
3 hours

History of Cinema
3 hours

Aesthetics of Cinema
3 hours

Screenwriting I
3 hours

Production I
6 hours

Production II
6 hours

24 hours

Film Major or Concentration
36 hours

General Education Credits
48 hours

College Wide Electives
16 hours

124 hours

If that is the case and I'm gonna be in college, I am
gonna pull my ass together, take another year off from
Columbia to take all these freaking courses, mash them so
they will be completed as well and as fast as possible.
Unless I do get that scolorship to Columbia in which case I
won't really care to take these at Wright. If I will
complete these at Wright I will attach Photography to it
all the way. Heck if I do have some spare time, maybe even
french. But let's not count on that. Would be nice though.
Even though it would take me like 2 years instead of one
and a half.

The grand plan though, is that I would transfer with all my
beutiful credits, all my hard work, all the things I will
truly never need again and put them right to work in this
beautiful school.

I'm thinking of calling Christina back and thanking her for
her at the time, unwanted advice.

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