The Best Damn Diary - PERIOD!
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2004-01-06 07:26:59 (UTC)

"High - Volume 4?" lol

Well, fucked up again tonight, and tonight, we have a
change in pace man....we're so not gonna do
the "conspiracy theorys"...tonight it's just what i'm

It's 12:19am here right now...on february 5, and i am
STONED. I am listening to my "depressing" music again
tonight....and i'm thinkin about 1 person (She already
knows who she is). We've had MANY ups, and a few
downs...but in the end, we wind up bein friends. I've
explained to you, that a part of me wants, and at the same
time doesn't wanna move on. I'm stuck for loving you, but
just "being friends".

I have always thought about our future and all that. I saw
you with me, and me with you loving you for always, and
never changing. I still think about that, and i still
think we could work on things, and like you said, it's
better in real life, and i believe that. Yes, i know you
think all the time...but here's to prove i am.

I love you, and will for a long time, my feelings don't
dissapear in a day or more.

So, those are my thoughts for tonight

PeACe OuT pEOpLe

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