lyssa's Diary!
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2004-01-06 04:22:24 (UTC)


well, we had no school today! yay!! i woke up around noon
and went on and did my own thing. talked to my sisters and
then brandon called me . he said he wanted to hang out and
stuff. but he went home after a few min. then i talked my
dad into getting some stuff for today and tomorrow sense
were expecting about 10 inches of snow tonight. (were haven
a storm tonight)... and were not really expecting on goin
to school till atleast on wed. if the roads are ok. i NEED
to get my community service project done but i cant leave
my house and i cant drive ne where so its pointless. ne
ways.... i left with my dad to go get my pics developed and
raid the whole store.. lol.. (by the way the pics came out
awesome! hes so cute!(aj)) but then my sister calls my cell
tellen me aj just called and blah blah blah.. lol so i call
him back and he was about to work out or sumthin of the
sort. lol.. he sounds cute. but yea ne ways. then i came
home put all the groceries away and brandon came over (hes
just a friend dont worry) and watched pirates of the
carribean. but ne ways im off to go read my book again. i
have to finish that! then im thinken my drama project? but
im really doubting we have school tomorrow again.. but like
i said u just never know!...

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