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2004-01-06 03:20:21 (UTC)

We Had To

My parents divorced when I was 16. It was unpleasant. They wouldn't even talk to each other or make any plans for me. I'm the yougest, and wound up living with mom in an apartment after her and dad abandonded our house. They just walked away from it. A library, french doors everywhere, stained glass windows, working marble fireplaces, 3 car garage.....they just let it slip away into the night. They were very bitter. I couldn't stand it. My oldest brother was 27 at the time and lived in a town in another state about 50 miles away. I told him how bad it was getting and asked him if I could stay with him for awhile, until I figured out what to do. I was on the tennis team, President of the National Honor Society, and had been in some local television commercials. I didn't want to give it up, but my alternatives were slim. There was the runaway center for girls, a group home company, or find a relative to take me in. My 2 older sisters wouldn't help. Dad bought me a car and gave me some money, but it didn't solve my problem. So I moved in with my brother. I enrolled in high school there - and did graduate - and was on the tennis team there, drama club, and NHS. So things weren't much different. We partied together, went shopping, movies, out to eat...etc. One thing led to another and pretty soon we didn't need 2 bedrooms. We didn't even need 2 beds. We went to dances at school, plays, parties, and had to tell so many lies to cover up our intimate relationship, that everyone who knew us started looking at us funny. Still, we felt accepted and seemed to be well received and well liked by everyone in our orbit. When I think back, it was the best sex I've ever had, and a very happy time in my life.

After I graduated from high school, I went to nursing school. We were together about 4 1/2 years. We loved each other and still do. We both wanted a family though, so our relationship ended amicably, and I moved to Florida. I married and have two little lovelys; he's married and has a daughter. I'm 25 now, and he's 36. We get together twice a year for about a week each time. Everyone in our family knows about us, so on the rare occasions we make a pilgrimmage back home, we are the object of scorn. I really wish we could've stayed together. We were a perfect match. He's the only guy I've ever had anal sex with, and the only guy who goes down on me during my period. I started evryday with a blowjob for him.

Everyone liked us.

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