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2004-01-06 03:11:30 (UTC)

i swear you'll never be lonely.

woke up to the sound of pouring rain
wind would whisper and id think of you
all the tears you cry, they call my name
and when you needed me, i came through

paint a picture of days gone by
when love went blind in you and made me see
id stare a lifetime into your eyes
so that I knew you were there for me
time after time you were there for me

we spent the summer with the top rolled down
wished ever after would be like this
you said i love you babe, without a sound
i said i壇 give my life for just one kiss
id live for your smile and die for your kiss

we致e had our share of hard times
but that痴 the price we paid
and through it all we kept the promise that we made
i swear you値l never be lonely

woke up to the sound of pouring rain
washed away a dream of you
but nothing else could ever take you away
cus you値l always be my dream come true
oh my darling, i love you

remember yesterday - walking hand in hand
love letters in the sand - i remember you
through the sleepless nights and every endless day
i wana hear you say - i remember you.

i want to call richard.

but i wont.

i need to talk to her. she keeps, i dont know,
forgetting? or just running out of time maybe. we paid
for classes today. at least shes going to school a little

tomorrow i'm going to work. cus i really have no money. i
had to transfer some from my savings. but thats why i have
it. and it was just vacation and holidays that set me
back. and tomorrow i get to paint. and see her all day.
and i guess wednesday night we're guna hang out. so maybe
i can talk to her then maybe.

uggh.. its hard explaining shit to someone. which is why i
dont. but then erin and i got to talking and we've been
talking for a couple hours and its just too difficult to
explain. its nice talking to her even though kind of
weird. i remember being 10 and reading the sex scenes of
romance books out loud in my room and i remember how she
got boobs before me and the first time i noticed was she
was crying once in the bookstore and i hugged her. its
weird. makes me wonder where kendra is. and kinda makes
me sad.

ewww stupid boy from gainesville. yuck.

im achy. and a little bit drunk. im taking a bath and
going to bed. ive been using baby oil and it makes me so
soft i love it.

give me strength to continue to pretend like i know things
will be okay.