How would you ever guess.
2004-01-06 03:10:28 (UTC)

the first day back

I got home today after a day of work and a movie with Kim.
My mom was sitting up, I kinda think she was waiting for me
but I still dont know.
I just dont know what to do with myself, How am I suppose
to go on. I know Kim wanted to get my mind off of him and
as bad as I want to I cant. I love him with all of my heart
and I can never let him go. It hurts so bad to think that
we may never be together again, but I still hope and pray
that its not true. PLus Im so sick of hearing people give
me advice when they have never been in a serious
relationship before, Im sorry to say this but you have no
fucking cue what your tlaking about, you have never felt
the love or the pain that i have. YOu have no idea what its
like to watch the love of your life walk away from you.