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2004-01-06 02:56:06 (UTC)


OK... this is going to be a short one... ok, im a lil
scared... yesterday i worked from 2-6 and kyle knew that, i
was going to give him a call as soon as i got home from
work, but emily came home from work w/ me and we went out
to dinner (like i said in the previous entry) and i didn't
get home until 10, and since it was a school nite, and
kyle's mom is a teacher (so i figured she has to get up
pretty early) i was scared to call and wake them up, so i
didn't. Ya, it sucked, i really wanted to talk to him :(
and then today, after getting home at 7 from running around
and taking care of things i had to get done (ex 1) paying
my ticket, wow, does that feel good to get out of the way
ex 2) looking for a radar, but the bastard at best buy was
no help) so anyway, i was exhausted from it being the first
day back to school, and running around after 4 hours after
school, so i fell asleep w/ my cell right by my along w/
the house phone so i could wake up as soon as he called...
well, here it is 10 pm and i just woke up and once again..
im scared its too late to call... and he's not online so
this is the second nite in a row i wont get to talk to
him... wow i prob sound really pathetic but i really like
him :( and it sucks bc considering the fact im doing jack
shit bc i have NO hours this week (besides fri, fucking 3
to close) i wanted to hang out w/ him the days he didn't
have lifting... wow i need to stop complaining... anyway...
i think im going back to sleep... im really tired! nite yall

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