hongi ^_^

walking fish
2004-01-06 02:17:31 (UTC)

i don't know if you feel the same way that i feel

dear you,

since yesterday i saw you for the first time, i started to
realise that we are meant to meet each other. it seems like
that we have met each other for ages, we almost have the
same interests, love almost the same thing, hate almost the
same thing. we burst out laugh at the same time, we look at
each other for a long while and not feeling tired. i know
that we are actually not meant to be together, but i still
love you. i really want to be with you, to be your
girlfriend, although i know that actually i am not allow

so dear you, if i am not brave enough, could you be braver
than me? you know my heart is always yours, as long as you
don't change your mind, i will never change my mind too. i
love you dear.