Renee A

He's The Answer To My Prayers
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2004-01-06 01:16:26 (UTC)

Bad To Good

Well today started out so so sucky. He of course was
pissed at me for what happened last night. Why do I say
things? I really dont know and the worst part is I do it
all the time.
I know he is a keeper other wise I wouldnt feel this
way about him. I love him to death and dont want anything
to happen to him or between us.
Everyday when I go to school he is the one I want to
see. He really is the reason school is going so great
this year. He makes me try hard and doesnt aprove when I
start to fall behind.
I love how he worrys about me. I like when he asks me
where Im going to be and who Im going to be with. I love
how he tells me that he loves me, even when hes mad at me.
He doesnt seem to believe me when I tell him I love
him. It hurts me knowing that he cant trust me about
thing. Man, I have trusted him with everything. The
biggest thing is my heart. He really good about it too.
I know he says that I dont show that I care enough.
Thats because Im scared that if I do he will run or get
scared. On TV when a girl tells her boyfriend how she
feels he always seems to run away and hide. I dont want
to lose him. He is everything to me. I love Kevin Ross.

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