Psychology 1
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2004-01-05 22:59:02 (UTC)

Day 2: Relationships between people and their pets

Now that I have explained my objective for the assignment,
I can jump right into it now. My first topic on
relationships is one in which some people would not even
consider to have problems with. But believe it or not, it
may plague many peopl in your everyday lives. It is the
relationships that people have with their pets. Whether
good or bad, there is always a kind of relationship
between people and their pets. For example, some people
may not care what happens to their pet, whether their dead
or alive makes no difference to them. I know this because
I have a little cousin who is about 8 years old, who used
to have a dog. She always said how much she hated the dog
and how she wanted him to go away. It made no difference
to her whether the dog remained to left, till one day the
family had to put the dog to sleep. And you could see that
she meant what she had felt toward the dog because she was
neither upset, or hurt by the loss of the dog. In fact, I
remember the only thing she cared about that day was going
over to some friend's house. While on the other hand, some
people have incredibly strong relationships and bonds with
their animals. For example, my little cousin's sister had
a completely different reaction to the dogs death than her
sister. She was devistated and truly missed the dog. She
had a fondness for the dog and really loved him. Now are
these complete opposite feelings for the dog because one
in more an animal person than the other? Could it be one
was more attached to the dog? Or could it be the fact that
one had known that dog for a longer time and had more of a
chance to bond with the dog? Whatever the reason may be in
their case, everyone has their own separate feelings
toward different things and sitations as this experience
had clearly shown me. In my case, I had a great fondness
for my dog. It was a relationship that started as far back
as I can remember and she had always been there. She was
the only dog I could remember ever having and that is what
made it so hard to let her go. Some people understand that
and some clearly do not. She lived well into her old age
for a dog and when she became increasingly weak my parents
said the words you do not want to hear be uttered, "we
have to put the dog to sleep." I loved her so much but to
selfishly keep her alive to watch her progressively get
worse and weaker by the day, was no life for her. So when
this past weekend my mom had to take her away forever, it
was something really hard to accept and be able to let her
go. But I knew that even though she would be gone, she
would live on in my memories till the end of time. And in
my case, my parents would always be angry at our dog and
say how much they wanted to get rid of her on particular
days, yet when they knew she had to go, they became very
emotional and exposed their true feelings or love for her.
The point of my story is show how the situation affected
me and shows how strong or how non-existant, relationships
between people and their pets can be. I truly believe that
relationships with animals can be very strong and
rewarding if given the chance to flourish.

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